Choosing a Lodge

Choosing A Lodge

Most masons consider 3 things when choosing which lodge to join or to affiliate with: Who you might already know at a specific lodge; A location that is convenient for you; A regular monthly meeting time that fits your schedule.

Waterloo District contains 12 lodges which meet in one of 4 Masonic Centers located in Waterloo, Cambridge, Baden, and Elmira.

Click on “Our Lodges” for a list of our lodges sorted by location, with addresses and pictures. Or the following list summarizes what day of each month (Sep to Jun), and where, each lodge meets.

  • 1st Wednesday 7:30pm
  • Waterloo
  • Waterloo Lodge No. 539
  • 1st Thursday 7:30pm
  • Cambridge
  • Concord Lodge No. 722
  • 2nd Monday 7:30pm
  • Baden
  • New Dominion Lodge No. 205
  • 2nd Monday 7:30pm
  • Ayr
  • Ayr Lodge No. 172
  • 2nd Tuesday 7:30pm
  • Waterloo
  • Grand River Lodge No. 151
  • 2nd Tuesday 7:45pm
  • Cambridge
  • Alma Lodge No. 72
  • 2nd Thursday 8:00pm
  • Baden
  • Wilmot Lodge No. 318
  • 2nd Friday 7:30pm
  • Waterloo
  • Twin City Lodge No. 509
  • 3rd Monday 7:30pm
  • Cambridge
  • Mystic Tie Lodge No. 279
  • 3rd Tuesday 7:45pm
  • Elmira
  • Glenrose Lodge No. 628
  • 3rd Thursday 7:30pm
  • Cambridge
  • Preston Lodge No. 297
  • 4th Saturday 10:00am
  • Waterloo/Cambridge
  • New Light Lodge No. 744

Lodge meetings are held in the evening, with the exception of New Light Lodge No. 744, which as a “daylight lodge” normally meets on mornings.